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Curious and passionate, what he prefers in his job is meeting people and discovering new horizons: every day is a new challenge!


Jérôme is demanding, he likes quality work and leaves nothing to chance. He is a skilled negotiator, guarantees the best service and always at the best prices!



A benevolent manager, Ludovic is a quiet force. Behind his phlegm, he's an authentic "Ironman finisher"! His stamina and perseverance overcome the toughest logistical challenges!



She's the best CFO ever! Always ready to advise, she knows everything from HR to taxation !

opErationS TEAM


Rémi has had an atypical career. His experience has been varied, but always in contact with customers. Today, he thrives in international trade.

FCL / LCL SEA Freight Operations


Enzo is frighteningly efficient, he "hits the nail on the head": there's no need to point things out to him twice. That's an invaluable quality when you're working in an airfreight rush !

Air Freight Operations​


Hakim is an artist, a freight virtuoso! He  possesses all the virtues of logistics coordinator: inventive, voluntary, he leaves nothing and comes up with a solution, with the smile!

FCL / LcL Sea Freight Operations

Abdoulkader Idriss

Abdou is a great communicator... And yet we don't hear him. Normal, he does things before we even ask him to ! We dare you to ask him again one day !

Air Freight Operations


Very serious and professional, Antoine is extremely reliable. Add a touch of good humor, and you've got the most pleasant of associates!

FCL / LcL Sea Freight Operations​


Experienced and enterprising, also a great sportsman, Nicolas is always ready to "throw himself into the deep end"! But it's always as a wise advisor that he manages his operations.

Air Freight Operations​


Guylaine is an expert in heavy packages and rolling.  Passionate about latin culture, merry and bouncy, Guylaine animates operations at the right pace!

Projects Logistics, B/B & RORO



As the youngest member of the team, her patience and ability to listen have already made her a much-appreciated collaborator.

Inside sales


Nico is a combination of "customer service" and "geek". His goal: to equip himself with the best tools to be ever more efficient in customer relations.

Marketing & Pricing manager


The only one who can really laugh while he works ! Not easy when you're in charge of a very demanding road service ! And yet, Pierre always delivers on time, with a smile !

Responsable pole route


Spontaneous and cheerful, it is by reaching out to others that Marie-Christelle thrives. She has a very good technical background too, and it's always with great enthusiasm that she works on the agency's biggest tenders.

KAM / Project

Patrice and Jérôme,

Patrice and Jérôme have more than 25 years of experience in international logistics.

After 5 years of collaboration, they decided to create together a company that resembles them, based on values such as respect, solidarity and benevolence.

Created in the midst of a health crisis, WeCARE wants to be the symbol of a resilient SME, capable of adapting to a changing world.




IATA Member

The International Air Transport Association is the world’s leading airline trade association. It supports aviation activities in various fields, and helps shape industry policy on key aviation issues.


FIATa member

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations is the world’s largest non-governmental organization in the field of transport. Today, it represents an industry of some 40,000 freight forwarders and logistics companies.


AEO certification

Certification as an Authorized Economic Operator means that your goods can be transported under conditions of free circulation and reliability, which today represents a competitive advantage. The benefits: fewer customs formalities and greater security in international trade.