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We have more than 20 years of experience in oil logistics and accompany French and European operators and subcontractors in their logistics projects, mainly in Africa and the Middle East. To know the issues of this industry and the stages of exploration and refining projects is a real asset. Anticipation and reactivity are the keys in an environment where the financial stakes are often very high.


Shipment of construction equipment is one of the peculiarities of the activities of this industry. The machines are rolling (wheel or caterpillar), which can also be totally or partially dismantled: each machine requires special handling, so a perfect mastery ship loading techniques. It is thanks to the long-standing relationships established with our partners that we can insure in all ports and harbours trust the most complex operations.


The treatment and transport of drinking and waste water from large conurbations, water for industrial use and seawater desalination: the know-how and technological advance of our companies carries French excellence in the most distant lands. The installations are generally sold on a turnkey basis. Transporting large volumes of extremely diverse goods from a wide variety of sources to sites that are sometimes difficult to access requires great agility… A condition of survival for our teams!

Geographical areas

We are everywhere where our customers take us ! This is the richness of our daily life ! The realisation of complex projects requires perfect mastery customs regulations of importing countries, port specificities and knowledge of road infrastructures. Our only limits are those of our network of partner agents on the 5 continents. More than 20 years of experience and on-site missions have enabled us to select the most reliable ones in order to propose our services on almost all territories.


We love five-legged sheep! Chartering of complete ships or cargo aircraft, conventional loading or on “flat rack beds” on regular line, exceptional convoy : our expertise combined with a solid network of specialised partners enables us to find solutions in all situations.


The African continent and its resources, but also its infrastructure needs, still represents a considerable market for French and European manufacturers. Energy issues and climatic conditions make Africa a territory of major importance for the coming decades. The number of projects there is constantly increasing. Our expertise on this continent and the trust that binds us to our clients and local partners will enable us to make our contribution to the development of these countries. The location of our agency and the history of our teams make the Maghreb a zone of strong development for our activities. The political context and economic difficulties of recent years make the logistical challenges all the more critical. Cost control is becoming a priority. Relationships with our suppliers are the guarantee of quality services, carried out at the best price !


Our Agreements


IATA member

The International Air Transport Association is the global trade association for airlines. It supports aviation activities in various fields and helps shape sector policy on the main issues affecting aviation.


FIATA member

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations is the world’s largest non-governmental organisation in the field of transport. Today it represents an industry of around 40,000 freight forwarders and logistics companies.


AEO certification

The Authorised Economic Operator certification allows the transport of your goods in conditions of free movement and reliability, which represents, at present, a competitive advantage. The advantages: fewer customs formalities and more guarantees of security in international trade.